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Boost scheduling efficiency, scalability, and security with the most flexible plan for large teams.

Stephen Hsu

Stephen Hsu
May 16, 2023

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For enterprise organizations, scheduling automation goes beyond a booking link — big teams need more sophisticated platforms that include collaborative scheduling, integrations, security features, and more. 

Not all scheduling software is built with enterprise teams in mind.

Calendly is.

High-performing teams worldwide use Calendly to close more deals, retain more customers, and hire more top talent. Companies that subscribe to Calendly's Enterprise plan have seen results like 160% more customers reached, a 22X increase in interviews scheduled, and 323% ROI.

Calendly helps enterprise organizations achieve four key goals:

  1. Create more efficient and productive teams

  2. Improve business performance and customer experience

  3. Standardize and scale scheduling across the business

  4. Keep your organization secure

Here’s how.

Create more efficient and productive teams

Calendly integrates with your teams’ existing tech stack and is easy to use wherever and however they work. That means less time spent on admin tasks, and more time doing valuable work that helps teams meet their goals.

Calendly offers over 100 integrations, including CRMs, marketing automation, ATS, project management, and analytics. Teams can keep the tools they already use and love, so they can boost productivity without reinventing the wheel. For even more flexibility, leverage Calendly APIs for custom integrations.

Calendly’s mobile apps, browser extensions, and Outlook add-in make it simple for team members to use scheduling automation wherever they work. Easily share scheduling links and meeting availability in emails, LinkedIn messages, tweets, and more — so reps and recruiters spend less time switching between tabs, and more time building relationships.

Stylized screenshot showing adding a Calendly Event Type to a LinkedIn message using the Calendly browser extension.
Calendly's browser extensions make it easy to share scheduling links and meeting availability in LinkedIn messages.

Integrations and automation go hand in hand. With Calendly’s Workflows, decrease no-shows and spend less time manually sending reminders and follow-ups. Workflows automate routine communications that should happen before and after meetings. You can manage and apply pre-built notifications, reminders, and follow-ups to multiple event types from one location, giving every customer a consistent, on-brand experience.

No more getting bogged down with manual processes, context switching, admin tasks, and siloed tools.

Calendly is the way forward. Every customer will have a smooth experience. Any automation we can do to make our customer’s life better is our new standard.

Testimonial author

Chris Williams

Head of Customer Success UK and EMEA at Vonage

State of Scheduling 2023

Calendly's State of Scheduling Report 2023

Discover the latest survey data and insights on the future of AI-powered scheduling.

Improve business performance and customer experience

Calendly’s department-specific solutions are designed to help every team meet their goals — from closing high-value deals to reducing time-to-hire — while delighting customers and candidates.

Sales and marketing

Sales teams use Calendly to quickly connect with prospects, close deals faster, and increase revenue. Calendly makes it easy for potential customers to book meetings with sales reps — and keep that momentum going throughout the sales process. A survey of 3,000+ Calendly users found that 93% of sales teams achieve faster sales cycles with Calendly.

Calendly helps enterprise marketing teams qualify, deliver, and convert more inbound leads. 

With Calendly Routing, you can qualify leads with your HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, or Calendly marketing forms, then automatically present the right booking page based on their responses. Convert customers at the height of their interest, conduct a seamless handoff from marketing to sales, and create a faster, better experience for prospective customers. That way, no high-value prospects slip through the cracks.

Gif illustrating how a user fills out a website contact form and is routed to a Calendly booking page.
Speed up your sales cycle by letting high-value leads schedule at the peak of their interest, eliminating the delays that cause them to buy elsewhere.

What happens if a known lead or current customer fills out a form? When you integrate Calendly with Salesforce, you can send known leads or customers from your website form directly to their account owner’s booking page. A behind-the-scenes Salesforce ownership lookup means no one has to spend valuable time manually reassigning leads.

We’re seeing an incredible 26% increase in demos booked through the form. The experience is clearly resonating with customers and it’s driving better end results for our sales and marketing teams.

Testimonial author

Bryce Kropf

Sales Enablement Manager at Smith.ai

Customer success

Customer success teams use Calendly to improve support response times and create a consistent, responsive customer experience. The results? Higher customer satisfaction, more retention, and less churn. A Total Economic Impact study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that Calendly drove a 1.5% increase in customer renewal rates, boosting annual profits by $180,000 for enterprise organizations.

Team pages let customers select from several options to meet with your team, whether they need tech help, have a pricing question, or want to schedule user training.

Stylized screenshot showing three Event Types ("Tech assistance", "User training", and "Pricing call") with "Book now" buttons.
Display a variety of meeting choices on a single Calendly team page, so customers can meet with the right team member and get help ASAP.

With Calendly, HackerOne’s customer success team realized 169% ROI, booked 114% more meetings, and saved 588 hours on scheduling in a 12-month period. The CS team uses that reclaimed time to deliver more enablement training and collaborate better with cross-functional teams.

That increase in meetings gives us more connection with our customers. We stay aligned with their goals and objectives, which leads to renewals and expansion, and that golden egg of net retention.

Testimonial author

Alek Relyea

Manager, Customer Success at HackerOne


Recruiting teams use Calendly to hire top talent, speed up the hiring process, and offer a better candidate experience. A study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that enterprise recruiting teams achieved a 26% shorter recruiting cycle with Calendly.

Automation means less time trying to match candidate and interviewer availability, and more time finding and connecting with top-notch candidates.

The recruiting team at Stanley Steemer uses Calendly to automate interview scheduling across 280 branches — and saw a 22X increase in interviews scheduled monthly. "Calendly is maximizing our time and efforts. It’s fantastic."

Cross-functional collaboration

Some enterprise scheduling platforms limit users to one-on-one meetings. Calendly’s team scheduling features bring teams together for more productive, collaborative meetings. Round Robin, Collective, and Group Event Types make sure everyone who needs to be in a meeting is there.

  • Round Robin: Distribute meetings across your team based on first available or equal distribution.

  • Collective: Pool co-host availability to find a time that works for everyone.

  • Group: Let multiple people sign up to meet with you at once (think webinars or training).

Seamless scheduling across teams creates a consistent, delightful experience for customers at every step of their journey.

Need more scheduling flexibility? You can add hosts who will always attend the meeting alongside Round Robin assignees. For example, speed up scheduling product demos by adding two hosts: (1) the prospect’s assigned sales rep and (2) the next available member of your sales engineering team. Easily get the right combination of teammates together for onboarding calls, panel interviews, and more.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Calendly

A study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that Calendly provided customers a 318% ROI over three years. Read the full study for real customer insights about the benefits of using Calendly.

[eBook] The Total Economic Impact of Calendly (TEI)

Standardize and scale scheduling across the business

In many all-in-one enterprise platforms, scheduling automation is an afterthought. Limited, clunky functionality makes it difficult to navigate complex scheduling scenarios like the ones mentioned above. On the other hand, many scheduling tools only focus on one team, like sales or recruiting, which means each team needs their own platform.

When each team uses a different combination of tools, information gets siloed, and costs add up fast. Enterprise organizations need a single scheduling platform that can standardize and scale across the business, so you don't have to manage — or pay for — different apps for each team.

Most importantly, you need software that employees will actually use. 

Calendly is easy to implement, intuitive to use, offers onboarding and training resources, and scales as your organization grows.

When we presented [scheduling platform] options, Calendly was the one that was simultaneously the easiest to use and the friendliest. It had the best UX, but also, it was the thing that resonated with people the most: ‘I like to work in this application.’

Testimonial author

Zlatko Unger

IT Director at Alation, Inc.

When all users in your organization work from the same platform, admins can align all users with company standards and best practices. The Admin Dashboard makes it easy to find all pending invites, missing calendar and video conferencing connections, and key event stats in one central place. Managed Events let admins create, assign, and templatize the Event Types teams use, so everyone stays up-to-date and on-brand. Central governance means you can instantly distribute critical updates at scale.

Calendly’s robust analytics and reporting dashboards help identify key trends, like popular meeting days, top performers, and in-demand meeting types. With Calendly Analytics, it’s clear which scheduling tactics are working, and which changes you can make to help your team hit their targets.

Screenshot of an analytics dashboard in the Calendly app.
Hit your goals faster with Calendly's actionable analytics and insights.

Keep your organization secure

Calendly’s enterprise-grade security features keep your organization safe while making admin work easier for your IT team:

  • SAML SSO: Avoid weak passwords and give admins greater control over the authentication experience.

  • Domain Control: Claim your corporate domain and guide employees signing up for Calendly to join your centralized, IT-managed account.

  • Advanced user provisioning (Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure): With SCIM, employees are automatically removed when they leave the company, saving admins time and reducing the risk of former employees retaining access.

  • Automated group provisioning: Integrate with your company directory to automatically map new users to their teams in the platform, so they have access to the features and info they need — and your team doesn’t have to spend time manually assigning them.

  • Admin governance: Free up IT by designating group admins to handle day-to-day team management. Use role-based access controls to automatically grant different levels of admin control depending on role. 

  • Activity log: Monitor and quickly pull account activity if an incident occurs.

  • Self-serve data deletion: Gain full control and remain compliant by choosing when and what customer data is deleted. Embed Calendly into your existing deletion process using our Data Deletion API.

  • Communication audit compliance: Highly regulated industries like financial services must meet special requirements when it comes to customer communications. Calendly lets you create a trackable, auditable record of all email communications with your customers.

Screenshot of Organization Settings in the Calendly app, showing the setup screen for Single Sign-On.
Calendly's flexible access management tools — including SSO, SCIM, an activity log, and more — fit into your existing corporate policies and IT workflows.

Calendly is also SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified and PCI, CCPA, and GDPR compliant. We have a 24/7 trust and safety team, internal security training and protocols, and a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC). We work with enterprise IT teams to conduct security reviews and ensure we remain compliant with each organization’s standards. 

With Calendly SCIM and SSO offerings, the barrier to entry is so low. The less work my IT team needs to do — and less work that the individual using the tool does — is where the benefit comes in.

Testimonial author

Zlatko Unger

IT Director at Alation, Inc.

See what Calendly can do for your organization

You don’t have to choose between team productivity, business performance, scalability, and security. Calendly is the only enterprise-grade scheduling platform that helps your team achieve all of the above.

More than 100,000 organizations rely on Calendly to close deals, build relationships, and grow their business — including Dropbox, Fidelity, Indiana University, Glassdoor, and L’Oreal. A study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that Calendly provided enterprise customers a 318% ROI over three years.

Ready to learn more about what Calendly can do for your organization? Contact the sales team today.

Learn more about Calendly
See how your organization — like thousands of others! — can use Calendly to increase revenue, accelerate sales pipeline, and improve customer retention.

See how your organization — like thousands of others! — can use Calendly to increase revenue, accelerate sales pipeline, and improve customer retention.

Stephen Hsu

Stephen Hsu

Stephen oversees product vision, strategy, and roadmap to serve solopreneurs to the world’s largest organizations with end-to-end scheduling automation. His career spans nearly two decades at tech companies delivering digital transformation and enterprise innovation at scale. Stephen is a former SVP of Product and General Manager at Salesforce, where he led the $1.8 billion Integration Platform, API Management, and Data Integration product organization at MuleSoft. Prior to that, he was Salesforce’s VP of Product Management for Sales Cloud, overseeing the sales engagement and productivity product portfolio. Before joining Salesforce, he was the Head of Product at Directly. He is currently an investor and advisor for Firsthand Alliance and an investor at Hyphen Capital. A proud father of two and avid traveler, Stephen’s favorite quote naturally reads, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page."

Don't leave your prospects, customers, and candidates waiting

Calendly eliminates the scheduling back and forth and helps you hit goals faster. Get started in seconds.

Calendly eliminates the scheduling back and forth and helps you hit goals faster. Get started in seconds.