Marketo and Calendly: Instantly qualify and schedule leads from your forms

Boost website conversions and eliminate drop-offs without changing your existing tools or workflows.

Julia Farina

Julia Farina
Apr 18, 2023

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Marketo and Calendly: Instantly qualify and schedule leads from your forms

As a demand gen team, you put a lot of time, money, and strategy into getting leads onto your website. You invest in campaigns, people click on your paid ads and fill out your contact form …  but these inbound leads aren’t able to schedule with you. They wait, and often drop out of your funnel.

It’s like picking up coins and putting them into your pocket, but your pocket has a hole in it.

When you integrate Marketo with Calendly, you can schedule high-value leads right from your marketing forms, track landing page form performance, and automate follow-up campaigns to leads who fill out a form but don’t finish booking. Increase website conversion rates and eliminate drop-off points without changing any of your existing tools and workflows.

Here’s how Calendly Routing works with your Marketo forms to fill the gap between your demand gen campaigns and sales funnel.

Book qualified leads on the spot

We like to think about Routing in three parts:

  1. Qualify: Qualify leads using your existing Marketo forms. Continue to use hidden fields and marketing intelligence tools like Clearbit and ZoomInfo, so fewer leads drop off before submitting the form. You can present specific Calendly booking pages based on your qualification criteria (industry, company size, department, etc.)

  2. Route: If you use Salesforce, Calendly sends known leads or existing customers directly to their assigned account owner’s booking page. (This happens automatically behind the scenes using a Salesforce lookup, filtering by deal stage, territory, or other fields in Salesforce — no manual reassignment needed!)

  3. Schedule: Present qualified prospects with a specific booking page or landing page so they can schedule a meeting immediately. For leads who don’t book on the spot, your existing routing rules and lead distribution tools kick in as usual.

For a deeper dive into each of these three parts, check out this article.

GIF showing Calendly Routing in action. A lead fills out a form, is routed to the booking page for a Discovery Call, and immediately schedules a meeting.
Hit your pipeline goals by sending high-value leads straight to a Calendly booking page, so leads move right from your website to your sales funnel.

A better handoff from marketing to sales 

One thing marketing and sales teams can agree on: The more SQOs, the better. 

With Calendly Routing and Marketo forms, feel confident that your demand gen team is sending your sales team high-quality leads — and stop worrying about prospects falling through the cracks. 

Calendly syncs booked event data with leads’ Marketo accounts, so your team can see past and upcoming meetings in the activity log. Use this data to track form conversions and landing page performance, and trigger retargeting campaigns to leads who filled out a form but didn’t book a meeting. 

Fewer qualified leads drop out of the sales funnel, so you know your marketing spend and demand gen campaigns are driving conversions and ROI.

On the sales side, schedule qualified leads with the right reps on the spot. Save time for sales managers who don’t have to assign leads or look up account owners manually.

That’s a win for the whole revenue team — and a better experience for your prospects.

Qualify, route, and book sales meetings instantly

Qualify, route, and book sales meetings instantly

Fill pipeline faster and drive more revenue using scheduling automation.

Improve inbound conversions without changing your tools and workflows

What do Calendly Routing and Marketo forms look like in action?

Picture this: Your demand gen team launches a paid social campaign targeting IT buyers at enterprise companies. The ads link to a landing page on your website with more information about your product and a “Contact Sales” form.

Your creative and targeting are on point, and Halle, an enterprise IT buyer, clicks on your LinkedIn form. She fills out your contact form, which you built in Marketo and enriched with Clearbit.

Based on her responses and Clearbit form fields, Halle is a qualified lead! You integrated your Marketo forms with Calendly, so you can send her straight to the Calendly booking page for your top enterprise sales rep. She can immediately book the meeting time that works best for her — without waiting for a sales rep to reach out.

Maybe Halle fills out the form but decides not to book a meeting. In that case, you can use Calendly event data to trigger a follow-up email campaign in Marketo, so you don’t have to worry about her falling through the cracks.

Last but not least, what happens if Halle is an existing customer? Calendly finds Halle’s record in Salesforce, and she’s routed to the booking page for her account manager.

Screenshot of routing rules for Marketo forms and Salesforce account lookups in the Calendly app.
Match known accounts to the right person behind the scenes using a Salesforce ownership lookup — no manual reassignment needed.

Every scenario is fast, easy, and accurate — and a better experience for your entire team.

Stop leads falling through the cracks with Marketo and Calendly

Today’s buyers expect to get immediate answers when they’re ready to engage. When they can book with your sales team right from your marketing forms, you boost website conversions, create a better customer experience, and minimize the possibility of competitors reaching prospects first.

You know what works for your demand gen strategy, so you don’t have to change any tools or workflows. Simply import your existing Marketo forms to Calendly, build the scheduling routes, then add a snippet of code to your website.

Integrate your Marketo forms with Calendly Routing today to deliver more SQOs, improve the handoff from marketing to sales, and see more ROI on your demand gen campaigns. 

If you already have a Calendly account on a Teams plan or above, click here to set up Routing.

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Julia Farina

Julia Farina

Julia is a Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Calendly.

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Calendly eliminates the scheduling back and forth and helps you hit goals faster. Get started in seconds.

Calendly eliminates the scheduling back and forth and helps you hit goals faster. Get started in seconds.