How Calendly Integrates with Microsoft

Webinar Length

50 minutes

"The Frankenstack is what happens when the apps you have don’t talk to each other or work well with one another—and it can happen to anyone if you’re not careful.”
- Tal Almog for Fast Company, Co-founder & COO at Blooma

Join us as we take a tour through the Calendly x Microsoft ecosystem and show you how easily Calendly embeds into your tech stack with integrations for Outlook, Teams, LinkedIn, Azure, and more. Not to mention a couple first-looks at exciting new integrations coming soon.

We’ll cover how Calendly helps Microsoft-powered organizations avoid the Frankenstack and resulting data silos—and you don’t have to take our word for it either. Hear from Tim Francoeur, Sales & Marketing Ops Analyst at Sherweb on how his team integrates Calendly with their other core tools, freeing up time to focus on important work and leaving the scheduling automation to us. 

This session will center around high-level product walkthroughs and sneak peeks of new features. But if you have burning questions about a specific integration or setup snafu, stick around for Office Hours after the main session where our Calendly solutions engineers will field live Q&A.

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